New LEGAL Streaming Live TV App For All Devices

So you got yourself an Amazon Fire Tv or any other Fire device and would like to watch some free live tv and shows legally, well search no more. Please keep in mind that this official app was intended to be used for the USA audience, but you can also use a VPN if you are using it abroad as well. This amazing app has so much content all for free which also comes with the following advantages.

  • No registration
  • No usernames
  • No passwords
  • No VPN in the USA
  • No mouse toggle
  • Absolutely free to use
  • Can also connect it to current cable provider
    Contributor: Chris @TekkyReviews & Darrah Valentine

The APk is at the bottom of the page

1. From the main menu hover over to the settings tab and press select

firestick main screen

2. Now click on the My Fire TV on the bottom left

my fire tv tab

3. Click on Developer Options

developer options on the firestick

4. Click on Apps From Unknown Sources

apps from unknown sources

5. Now choose Turn On

apps from unknown sources page on firestick

Now you can install the Apks from the section below

Looking for a VPN, here is what I personally use

Files needed: