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Here at FiretvstickUSA.com you can learn how to download, install and sideload different apps on to the Amazon Fire TV Stick which is also known as Jailbreaking your Fire tv stick.

Jailbreaking an Amazon Fire tv stick is actually fairly simple and can be done by almost anyone for many reasons.

Why do I need to jailbreak my Fire tv stick?

Most people that want to jailbreak their Amazon Fire tv stick is to be able to download and install third party applications.

These third party applications can only be installed after jailbreaking your Fire tv stick and you are fully responsible at your own risk to do so, so be careful of the sources that you choose to download these types of app as they are not approved or monitored by Amazon.

Jailbreaking an Amazon Fire tv stick

Most people are jailbreaking their Amazon device or their Fire tv stick is to be able to install third party apps in order to be able to stream free content if you are on a low budget as they say.  Below are some of the most popular devices you can actually jailbreak in just minutes!