what is IPTV and how it can benefit you?

Most people now a days subscribe for live cable tv services through their cable tv provider, which is most likely one of the biggest out there like Xfinity, WOW, Spectrum, or AT&T.  In that case you are usually locked into a 1 year or even a 2 year contract and probably pay at least $80 a month.  If this is you and are interested in paying way less than what these big companies charge, then you might be interested in paying for an IPTV service which is live tv that is streamed through the internet which can save you tons of money if you like saving money that is! The PAID IPTV service we provide to our customers is not only reliable but is also very low cost which also happens to provide you with the most popular channels that most people enjoy every single day.  Interested in such a service, then watch the below video to get more info and to also watch a sample demo of this awesome service.  After all, all you need is an internet with wifi and your IPTV subscription and the sky is the limit.

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                                                    ALL THE TV YOU LOVE INSIDE ONE APPLICATION
Over 4,000 live channels, 900 TV Series, and over 6,000 movies so you will no doubt find what you are looking for.  Sports, News, Action, Kids, international, local, HD, UHD.  Our IPTV service uses some of the latest Antifreeze technology to prevent any buffering during playback, which is a huge benefit to you at the lowest prices possible.  

IPTV Video Demo (Coming soon)
Live TV With a TV Guide

Multiple organized categories, no matter what you are into, action movies or tv shows, sports, news, weather, just to name a few!

IPTV Categories
Watch content from many countries

including but not limited to USA, UK, Canada, Latin America, Spain, Germany and more.

Supports these devices

All Amazon Fire tv sticks, including Fire tv stick Lite, Fire tv stick, Fire tv stick 4k, Fire tv cube, Android based phones and tablets, Android based cable boxes. Tivo Streaming 4k and the NVidia Shield

Benefits of IPTV service

An IPTV service is so affordable that anyone can almost afford to purchase it even if you are a college student without signing up for a contract and having to purchase some expensive hardware like cable boxes and etc…IPTV players can be installed on almost all Amazon devices or any Android based box / device.

What does this service include

With this service you will be able to watch live tv anywhere you live, your favorites movies and tv shows including any season or episode.  The plan also includes a huge sports section for those fans as well.

All packages include:

option #1
1 connection - 6 months
$83.94 (USD)

option #2
2 connections - 6 months
$143.94 (usd)

Option #3

3 connections - 6 months

$203.94 (USD)



$263.94 (usd)

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