New US Court Orders A Block on ALL iLLEGAL Streaming Sites 2022

As you have heard by now, online streaming is becoming harder and harder to find especially with what is going on in todays world! In this article I will be discussing this new US court order that will be actually in effect to block all illegal streaming websites in the USA in 2022. This comes in as no surprise to many if you have been following the news and if you are active in the streaming community. This new US court order changes the game when it comes to online streaming as now your ISP has to follow along in order to block as many websites as possible, which is why many people use a VPN ( virtual private network) to protect their identity and stream with peace of mind from hackers and other agencies spying on you. Watch the below video and you will get the full details.
Contributor: Chris & Darrah Valentine @DarrahValentine Http://

here is what has happened so far..

According to a new article on Torrent Freaks website published on 5/2/2022 by Andy Maxwell. “More than a decade after the U.S. lawmakers scuttled the controversial SOPA legislation that would’ve required ISP’s to block pirate sites has been available all along. Injunctions issued in response to lawsuits against three pirate streaming services require every ISP in the United States to prevent subscribers from accessing them.”

Here is the list of ISPs

Now this is not the complete list of ISP’s its mentioned, but more will be added in the future.

You can read the rest of the published article here..

Looking for a VPN, here is what I personally use