How To JailBreak Any Fire TV Stick in 2022 Plus BONUS

So you have probably heard by now that lots of people have “jailbroken” their Amazon device, while this is true and it’s also very easy to do. Jailbreaking is actual term used with Apple devices, but I heard that lots of folks refer to their Amazon being “jailbroken” or modified in simpler terms. From this point on let’s refer to it as “jailbreaking” since its commonly used. Jailbreaking an Amazon device actually means that you have changed a few settings on your device so you can fully enjoy its potential and be able to do even more with it. A big question that always comes up is jailbreaking legal, the answer is yes. Most people jailbreak their device for a big reason which is side load apps from other sources such as my website downloads section, keep in mind many of these apps are developed by third party developers which are not available in the Amazon app store. If you want to fully jailbreak the safest way possible and enjoy your Amazon Fire OS device, then keep on reading and also watch the video below which explains how it’s exactly done, its actually easier done than said. Please keep in mind that with this tutorial, you can actually jailbreak any and ALL Fire devices such as the following

  • Amazon Fire tv stick
  • Amazon Fire tv stick Lite
  • Amazon Fire tv stick 4K
  • Amazon Fire tv stick 4k MAX
  • Amazon Fire tv cube

1. From the main menu hover over to the settings tab and press select

firestick main screen

2. Now click on the My Fire TV on the bottom left

my fire tv tab

3. Click on Developer Options

developer options on the firestick

4. Click on Apps From Unknown Sources

apps from unknown sources

5. Now choose Turn On

apps from unknown sources page on firestick

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