Fix Low Storage On The Fire TV Stick – 3 Easy Steps

So after using your Amazon Fire tv stick for a while, no matter what version you have, it starts to run laggy and sort of unstable, and low on memory because so many processes and apps have been installed onto your device overtime. In this tutorial I will share with three easy steps to help you clean and boost any Amazon Fire device, no matter what version it is or when it was purchased. Keep in mind that the more apps you install on the Fire tv stick, the slower it gets thats because the Amazon Fire tv stick doesn’t have much space as it is to begin with, so every little thing matters. You can watch the video below in which I explain step by step what is the fastest and most efficient way to do this.

1. From the main menu hover over to the settings tab and press select

firestick main screen

2. Now click on the My Fire TV on the bottom left

my fire tv tab

3. Click on Developer Options

developer options on the firestick

4. Click on Apps From Unknown Sources

apps from unknown sources

5. Now choose Turn On

apps from unknown sources page on firestick

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