Your Amazon Fire TV Stick is Tracking You – Find Out How

You probably wonder if Amazon tracks all of your activities on your Amazon devices, you bet they do! In this article I will explain how they actually do this and also explain to you the best ways to prevent them from doing it on all of your Amazon devices. These are actually fairly simple steps that anyone can follow along on their Fire OS device, such as the Fire tv stick 4k I will be showing in the video below. Once you follow these easy steps, you will have a lot more privacy on your own device.

1. From the main menu hover over to the settings tab and press select

firestick main screen

2. Now click on the My Fire TV on the bottom left

my fire tv tab

3. Click on Developer Options

developer options on the firestick

4. Click on Apps From Unknown Sources

apps from unknown sources

5. Now choose Turn On

apps from unknown sources page on firestick

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